How to Finish a Basement on A Budget?

If your basement looks dull and outdated, then it’s time to your basement needs more finishing. A finished basement will make the space look attractive and inviting. One of the main concerns people have is how they can finish the basement on a budget. Here are some points for you to get your basement finished on a budget.


Let’s have a look at the step by step process of finishing your basement on a budget!


  • Start with Finishing the Basement Walls


basement wall


Step Number 1: Install Insulation


You can either hire a contractor for it or do it yourself too. The easiest and most effective way to insulate a basement’s exterior walls is by adding polystyrene foam insulation directly on to your foundation walls.


Step Number 2: Frame Your Walls


To frame a basement wall, you have to do the following:


For the walls running parallel to your floor joists, you need to install blocking between the joists and the wall by tightly screwing or nailing a fitted two-by-four to the joists. These blocks would be attached to the frames.


Draw a line, align the outer edge, and assemble the wall on the ground and then complete the framing process.


Step Number 3: Install Drywall


Once you’ve built the walls, you need to start installing your drywall. You can either fix drywall vertically or horizontally.


You now have your basement walls finished and ready for painting. Now let’s get to the flooring process. Always use waterproof materials to ensure there is no damage from the seasonal floods or basement leaks, which usually occurs in the basement.


After we have completed the basement walls and fixed flooring, it is time to finish the basement ceiling now.


  • Second, Steps to Finish Your Basement Ceiling


basement ceiling


Just like previous steps, finishing your basement ceiling carefully is also crucial to achieve an attractive and finished look of your basement.


Step 1: Choose Your Ceiling Type


Although you can simply paint your basement ceiling to conceal pipes and utilities, experts suggest installing extended ceilings for a more finished look. There are usually two types of ceilings available to choose from – Drop-Ceiling and Drywall Ceiling. You can work out your budget and opt for the one that best suits your expectations.


Step 2: Time to Install Your Ceiling


For a tile ceiling, you will require a hammer, nails, accessories, including wire and wire cutters along with installation kit. Follow the needed steps and complete the installation process. You can also replace damaged tiles with drop ceilings as required. If we talk about drywall ceiling – you would need a drywall jack and an extra set of hands to complete the installation process.


That’s it. You have a Finished Basement


If you can do yourself, then you can save a lot of costs and finish your basement on a budget, but the process could be exhaustive and unsafe if you don’t have experience and skills to carry it out. It is recommended that you seek professional services for better work and more finished basement. You can easily find contractors in the region for your project within your budget. If you want someone experienced to draft your basement finishing plans, Clear Drafting is available to help you. Talk to our expert for more information.

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