Renovation Permit Plans in Ottawa

Being your design partners, we will talk you through each step and provide you with conceptual feedback. Our experts will suggest you the best material and the color code as well at the time of execution. You may choose from a range of options suggested by us which would surely be in line with your expectations.

As part of the regulations, home renovation must adhere to the basic requirements for health, safety and structural norms as set out by building authorities for your region. The renovation permit plans in Ottawa must be in line with municipal requirements, such as zoning regulations or heritage building designations or others. With us you don’t have to worry about anything. At Clear Drafting, we understand that our clients have many questions when it comes to renovating their home. For example, some of the customers are not familiar with building permits or even know that they need renovation permit plan for their project. That’s where we help! We are always with our customers and explain the importance of each step right from design ideas to arranging permit plans. We are with you at every step. Having helped thousands of customers, we can assure you of transparent, seamless and affordable services from us. We offer unbiased consultation throughout the project. We have over 10 years of expertise in making lives of our clients easier.

Renovation Permit Plans in Ottawa

Why Clear Drafting?

Step by step through out the process,  we will guide you through your renovation. You will be given code advice as we are designing your space. As well as conceptual feedback and design ideas.

  • Before and After
  • Material selection
  • Colour consultation

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