Why Do You Need A Building Permit?

Before starting the construction work, you need to get your plan drafted and approved by government officials. A building permit is a document approved and issued by the officials of the state authority. The permit lets you carry out construction, renovation, or remodeling projects on your existing or new property. You will need a permit for work related to structural changes, sanitation, zoning, water supply, drainage, fire protection, and electrical services. You do need the permit to ensure the smooth functioning of the project and to remain compliant with the local standards set up by the governing body.


What is the Process to Get a Building Permit?


process to get building permit

Let’s now learn more about the permit process and the key steps:


Get in touch with your local building construction office and share details of the project you want to undertake. You would be required to fill up an application form provided by the authority. The form outlines the conditions which have to meet before applying for a building permit. In case you are planning more than one type of construction project, you should take the required permits for a smooth project since there are various permits for construction, remodeling, electrical, or plumbing work. There are different permits required for different projects.


To get a building permit, you also need sketches and drafts of the construction projects you plan to organize.


After paying the fees, you will have to submit the building permit to the authority. The authorized officer will issue you an official permit certificate.


Once you receive the permit, you should paste it where the construction work is being carried out. You can place the permit on a door or a window near the worksite. It is a sign of approval and to ensure seamless operations in case of an audit by the inspector. You may also notify them of the work and call them on-site for inspection. Once the inspector approves the construction project, you would no longer need to display the permit certificate, but if they ask you to make any changes or re-arrangements and ask them for a review post making amendments/changes.


When is it needed and when is it not?


Not all types of construction or renovation work need a building permit. You can do simple repairs, rearrangement, or replacements without having to apply for a permit. It can be performed by professional contractors without any special permit. So, hiring a good contract is the key. Always hire someone who has good expertise and knowledge about these things beforehand.

Unless some significant construction work is required or to change the electrical structure or water or gas lines, you don’t have to apply for a permit. There are different types of construction permit plans which you must obtain before carrying out any construction work. Your contractor can take care of the guidelines that should be followed. They can guide you about the do’s and don’ts to obtain a building permit. They can also arrange the permit if it is required, without you having to go through the rigmarole of the process. The requirements vary from region to region, and hence a good contract would be aware of all the policies and frameworks.


It is crucial to hire a good contractor who can guide you and help you with the process. You can also arrange it on your own, as long as you are aware of the guidelines set out by the local authorities, or else you can hire an expert for seamless completion of the project. Contact us for any kind of help in drafting and permit plans.

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